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About Colin Baenziger & Associates

The Firm, Its Philosophy & Its Experience

Colin Baenziger & Associates (CB&A) is a nationally recognized executive recruiting firm established in 1997 and owned and operated by Colin Baenziger. We are a sole proprietorship headquartered in Volusia County, FL with satellite offices in Grand Junction, CO, Live Oak, FL, and Pensacola, FL. As a sole proprietorship, we are not registered with any state as a corporation, foreign or otherwise.

Colin Baenziger & Associates' outstanding reputation is derived from our commitment to the quality of our product and the timeliness of the delivery. Further, our work is not done until you are fully satisfied. That means we go the extra mile and, at times, expend more effort and energy than originally anticipated in our action plan. When we do so, we do not ask for more than the originally quoted price. We feel you are hiring us as your experts and once a contract is signed, we have an obligation to fulfill its requirements with excellence, on time, and within budget. We simply do not believe in unforeseen circumstances.

We are available for follow-up work, but our goal is to perform the assignment in such a way that existing staff can implement the action plans without additional outside assistance.

Since beginning our executive search practice in 1998, we have conducted searches for clients in thirty-four states. Overall, we have sought over 230 CEOs for cities, counties, and special districts. We have also conducted over 415 searches overall. The basic approach outlined herein has been refined to the point where it is problem-free.

Technical Capabilities and Organizational Structure

Colin Baenziger & Associates has developed its business model over the past 26 years, and it has proved to be extremely effective. Our work has focused primarily on Executive Search and our staff is extremely capable and experienced. See Section III for more details. The structure of our firm is outlined below.

Completion of Projects within Budget

Colin Baenziger & Associates is proud of its record of completing searches within budget. Once we quote a price to the client, that price is what the client will pay, no matter how difficult the search is or what circumstances may develop. We have never requested anything beyond the originally quoted price, even when we were probably entitled to do so, and we never will.

Completion of Project on Schedule

Colin Baenziger & Associates routinely completes its assignments within ninety days. Further, since CB&A began performing recruitments, it has never missed a significant project milestone.


CB&A has extensive contacts with individuals and organizations representing women and minorities. We are thus able to identify and bring a diverse group of finalists to the City. The proof is that since 2012, 38% of the candidates selected as semi-finalists have been females and/or minorities. Some years have been as high as 52%.

Prior Names and Litigation

Colin Baenziger & Associates has always operated under its current name and has never been involved in any litigation, except to testify as an expert witness on behalf of one of the parties. Our performance has never been questioned nor have we or any of our clients been involved in any legal action as a result of our work.


To protect our clients, Colin Baenziger & Associates maintains the following insurance coverages: (1) general liability insurance of $1 million combined single limit per occurrence for bodily injury, personal injury, and property damages, (2) automobile liability insurance of $1 million per accident, and (3) professional liability insurance of $1 million per occurrence and $2 million aggregate. As a small firm, predominantly utilizing independent contractors, we are not typically subject to the requirements for workers compensation and employer liability insurance in many states. If required by the client, and if it is available to us, we will obtain these coverages prior to contract execution.

Our Team

Meet Our Associates

Colin Baenziger, M.P.A.

CEO & Founder

Lynelle Klein

Senior Vice President

Rick Conner, P.E.

Senior Vice President

Stephen E. Sorrell, P.E., M.P.A.

Senior Vice President

Ron Williams, M.P.A.

Senior Vice President

Scott Krim, M.P.A.

Senior Consultant

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