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Completed Recruitments

  Title Agency Closing Date Completed Recruitments
Director of Public Works and Utilities Bradenton, FL 03/01/2024 Irwin Lee started 04/29/2024.
Executive Director Salt Lake Valley Emergency Communications Center, Salt Lake County, UT 01/26/2024 Ivan Whitaker started 04/15/2024.
City Administrator Lake Helen, FL 11/10/2023 Jim Gleason started 02/05/2024.
Assistant County Manager Douglas County, NV 10/13/2023

Agreement could not be reached with selected candidate.  On hold for now.

City Manager Belle Isle, FL 08/04/2023

Rick Rudometkin started 01/01/2024.

City Manager Port Richey, FL 08/02/2023

Matt Coppler started 11/11/2023.

City Manager Fernandina Beach, FL 07/21/2023

Search on hold - awaiting further City Commission direction. 

County Administrator Manatee County, FL 07/07/2023

Charlie Bishop started 09/12/2023.

City Manager Flagler Beach, FL 06/09/2023

Dale Martin started 07/31/23.

Town Manager Oakland, FL 04/14/2023

Andy Stewart started 05/26/2023.

Town Manager/Finance Director Ocean Ridge, FL 03/24/2023

Lynne Ladner started 04/04/2023.

City Attorney Sebastian, FL 04/05/2023

Jennifer Cockcroft started 07/01/2023.

General Manager Sun 'n Lake of Sebring Improvement District, FL 03/10/2023

Ray Bossert started 08/01/2023.

City Manager Fircrest, WA 03/24/2023 Dawn Masko started 06/19/2023.
City Manager Cooper City, FL 02/24/2023 Ryan Eggleston started 06/05/2023.
City Manager Fort Walton Beach, FL 01/23/2023

Jeff Peters started 04/11/2023.

County Administrator Indian River County, FL 01/20/2023

John Titkanich started 04/17/2023.

Assistant to City Manager North Myrtle Beach, SC Closed

Ryan Fabbri started 02/13/2023.

General Manager Beaufort-Jasper Water & Sewer Authority, SC 01/06/2023

Verna Arnette started 05/01/2023.

Town Manager Juno Beach, FL 12/19/2022

David Dyess started 04/13/2023.

County Administrator Saint Lucie County, FL 12/14/2022

George Landry started 03/01/2023.

Deputy Director for Operations Miami-Dade County Water & Sewer Department, FL 09/23/2022

Billie Jo McCarley started 04/03/2023.

City Manager Bartow, FL 08/19/2022

Mike Herr started 01/03/2023.

Chief Financial Officer Estero, FL 08/10/2022 Kevin Greenville started 10/17/2022.
City Attorney Ocala, FL 07/29/2022 William Sexton started 10/01/2022.
City Manager Temple Terrace, FL 07/08/2022 Carlos Baia started 10/5/2022.
Planning and Development Director Fairfax County, VA 07/01/2022

Tracy Strunk started 08/02/2022.

City Manager Mill Creek, WA 05/25/2022

Martin Yamamoto started 07/10/2022.

Chief Operating Officer Tampa Bay Water, FL 05/09/2022

Paul Stanek started 08/08/2022.

Chief Financial Officer Winter Springs, FL 04/25/2022

Scott Borror started 05/09/2022.

Chief Executive Officer Spartanburg Water, SC 03/25/2022

Guy Boyle started 07/05/2022.

Police Chief Indian Creek Village, FL 02/21/2022

Jim Eisenhut started 04/13/2022.

Village Manager Islamorada, Village of Islands, FL 02/18/2022

Ted Yates started 08/01/2022.

Executive Director (essentially Town Manager) Lakewood Ranch Inter-District Authority, FL 01/21/2022

Steve Zielinski started 04/01/2022.

Executive Director Lake County Water Authority, FL 12/17/2021 Ben Garcia started 08/18/2022.
451 Executive Director Chatham Area Transit Authority, GA 12/03/2021

Faye DiMassimo started 02/02/2022.

City Manager Sanibel Island, FL 09/01/2021

Dana Souza started 11/15/2021.

General Manager / CEO Tampa Bay Water, Tampa Bay region, FL 07/30/2021

Chuck Carden started 10/18/2021.

City Manager Sequim, WA 07/16/2021

Matt Huish started 11/01/2021.

Town Manager Lantana, FL 06/25/2021 Brian Raducci started 10/11/2021.
City Manager Lake Worth Beach, FL 06/18/2021 Carmen Davis started 12/06/2021.
City Administrator Bradenton, FL 04/30/2021

Rob Perry started 07/29/2021.

City Manager Mascotte, FL 04/30/2021 Anna Reno started 02/01/2022.
Village Manager Islamorada, Village of Islands, FL 04/09/2021

Greg Orevac started 07/01/2021.

City Manager Port Orange, FL 02/19/2021 Wayne Clark started 04/19/2021.
Law Firm to Serve as the City Attorney Naples, FL 02/17/2021

Vose Law Firm was selected and is now representing the City.

Executive Director Cape Fear Public Utility Authority, Wilmington, NC 02/12/2021

Kenneth Waldroup started 06/30/2021.

Planning and Community Development Director Bradenton, FL 02/01/2021

Robin Singer started 04/12/2021.

Town Manager Lady Lake, FL 12/18/2020

Bill Lawrence started 04/01/2021.

Customer Service Chief Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans, LA 09/25/2020 Rene Gonzalez started 01/18/2021.
Chief Administrative Officer Renton, WA 09/04/2020 Ed VanValey selected.
City Manager Port Richey, FL 08/21/2020

John Dudte started 01/18/2021.

City Manager Winchester, VA 06/26/2020

Dan Hoffman started 09/24/2020.

City Clerk Panama City Beach, FL 06/05/2020

Lynne Fasone started 09/28/2020.

City Manager Brighton, CO 06/05/2020

Jane DiSessa started 09/14/2020.

Town Manager Bay Harbor Islands, FL 06/01/2020 Maria Lasday started 09/28/2020.
Town Manager Montverde, FL 05/08/2020

Paul Larino started 10/01/2020.

City Manager Doraville, GA 04/17/2020

Chris Eldridge started 07/06/2020.

City Attorney Lawton, OK 04/06/2020

John Ratliff started 01/11/2021.

City Manager Cape Coral, FL 03/31/2020

Rob Hernandez started 08/12/2020.

CEO / General Manager Des Moines Water Works, IA 03/20/2020

Ted Corrigan started 07/01/2020.

Public Works Administrator Renton, WA 03/06/2020 Martin Pastucha started 06/01/2020.
Finance Director Gainesville, FL 02/28/2020 Cintya Ramos started 07/13/2020.
Executive Director Emerald Coast Utilities Authority, Pensacola, FL 01/15/2020 Bruce Woody started 05/01/2020.
City Manager Crescent City, FL 11/20/2019

Michael Esposito started 02/01/2020.

City Manager Panama City Beach, FL 11/01/2019 Tony O'Rourke started 01/15/2020.
Parks and Recreation Director Weston, FL 08/24/2019

Kara Petty started 10/28/2019.

City Manager Gainesville, FL 07/31/2019

Lee Feldman started 11/14/2019.

City Manager Deerfield Beach, FL 07/19/2019 David Santucci started 09/09/2019.
City Manager Opa-locka, FL 07/08/2019

John Pate started 10/15/2019.

Interim Police Chief Mooresville, NC Closed

Ronald Campurciani started 06/17/2019.

City Manager Clewiston, FL Closed

Randy Martin started 07/22/2019.

Town Manager Mooresville, NC 05/17/2019

Randy Hemann started on 09/16/2019.

City Manager Weston, FL 05/14/2019

Don Decker started 10/08/2019.

City Attorney Vero Beach, FL 04/01/2019

John Turner started 07/01/2019.

City Manager Vero Beach, FL 03/29/2019

Monte Falls started 05/22/2019.

County Manager Clay County, FL 03/22/2019 Howard Wanamaker started 06/18/2019.
City Attorney Port St. Lucie, FL 02/04/2019

Jim Stokes will continue as City Attorney.

Parks and Recreation Director Deerfield Beach, FL 02/08/2019 Preston Pooser started 04/17/2019.
City Manager Sammamish, WA 01/25/2019

Rick Rudometkin started 05/16/2019.

City Manager St. Pete Beach, FL 12/14/2018

Alex Rey started 03/18/2019.

Public Works Director Camden County, GA 12/14/2018 Mark Patrick started 03/11/2019.
City Attorney Fort Pierce, FL 10/19/2018 Peter Sweeney started 01/07/2019.
General Manager Island Water Association Inc., Sanibel, FL 09/14/2018

Diane Wilson started 01/28/2019.

City Manager Aventura, FL 08/31/2018

Ron Wasson started 11/19/2018.

Solid Waste Director Camden County, GA 08/31/2018

Kevin Barkley started 11/17/2018.

City Manager Jacksonville Beach, FL 08/24/2018 Mike Staffopoulos started 01/28/2019.
City Manager Sunnyside, WA Closed

Martin Casey started 01/07/2019.

City Administrator (Manager) Dickinson, ND Closed Joseph Gaa started 11/26/2018.
City Manager Naples, FL 07/09/2018

Charles Chapman started 12/03/2018.

City Attorney Fort Lauderdale, FL 07/06/2018

Alain Boileau started 09/04/2018.

Clerk to the Board of Commissioners Fulton County, GA Closed

Jesse Harris started 09/19/2018.

Finance Director Groveland, FL 05/23/2018

John Ter Louw started 08/16/2018.

Executive Director South Correctional Entity, Des Moines, WA 05/04/2018 Devon Schrum started 08/12/2018.
Township (City) Manager Spring Garden Township, PA 05/02/2018 Marcy Krum-Tinsley started 07/16/2018.
Town Manager North Topsail Beach, NC


Bryan Chadwick started 06/23/2018.
City Manager Sebastian, FL


Paul Carlisle started 05/07/2018.
Parks and Recreation Director Cape Coral, FL


Kerry Runyon started 04/09/2018.

City Manager Groveland, FL


Mike Hein started 03/20/2018.
City Administrator Lake Forest Park, WA


Phillip Hill started 03/26/2018.
Fire Chief St. Lucie County Fire District, FL


Nate Spera started 01/12/2018.
Employee Relations Manager / Chief Negotiator Orlando, FL


Lynne Banks started 04/09/2018.
Revenue Operations Director Savannah, GA


Michelle Warner started 03/19/18.
Executive Director Bartow Municipal Airport Development Authority


John Helms started 12/18/2017.
City Manager Treasure Island, FL


Garry Brumback started 12/18/2017.
City Manager Aventura, FL


Susan Grant started 11/27/2017.

Vice President for Administration ORCA, North Key Largo, FL


Greg Tindle started 12/11/2017.
Utilities Director Panama City, FL


Chris Lightfoot started 10/09/2017.
City Manager Carnation, WA


Amy Arrington started 10/30/2017.
City Manager Stuart, FL


David Ross started 10/02/2017.
Executive Director Sun City Summerlin Community Association, Las Vegas, NV


Mitzi Mills started 10/02/2017.
City Manager Auburn, AL


James Buston started 08/17/2017.
City Manager Doraville, GA 06/29/2017 Regina Williams-Gates started 08/07/2017.
Utilities Manager, Department of Environmental Services Deerfield Beach, FL


Allen Fathi started 09/18/2017.
Police Chief Winchester, VA


John Piper started 09/01/2017.
City Manager Roanoke, VA


Bob Cowell started 09/11/2017.
Police Chief Petersburg, VA


Kenneth Miller started 07/10/2017.
City Manager Petersburg, VA


Aretha Franklin-Benavides started 07/10/2017.
Libraries and Information Services Director Newport News, VA


Sonia Alcantara-Antoine started 09/18/2017.
283 Director of Finance Petersburg, VA


Blake Rane started 07/10/2017.
284 City Manager Parkland, FL


Robert Payton started 06/12/2017.
Growth Management Director Collier County, FL


Thaddeus Cohen started 08/09/2017.
City Manager Tacoma, WA


Elizabeth Pauli started 05/15/2017.
Information Systems Manager Cooper City, FL


Darryl MacFarlane started 06/05/2017.
City Manager Burien, WA


Brian Wilson started 07/10/2017.
Fire District Attorney St. Lucie County Fire District


Kim Sabol started 05/12/2017.
City Manager Fairborn, OH


Robert Anderson started 03/07/2017.
Waterworks Director Newport News, VA


Louis Martinez started 04/03/2017.

Parks and Recreation Director Deerfield Beach, FL


David Miller started 03/17/2017.
Economic Development Director Concord, NH


Suzi Pegg started 5/1/2017.
Interim City Manager Delray Beach, FL


Neal DeJesus started 12/30/2016.
City Manager Winter Haven, FL


Michael Herr started 06/12/2017.
Director of Social Services Roanoke, VA


Steven Martin started 03/13/2017.
CEO/Executive Director Chatham Area Transit


Curtis Koleber started 12/13/2016.
Community Development Director Danville, VA


Kenneth Gillie started 11/29/2016.
City Manager Port St. Lucie, FL


Russ Blackburn started 11/21/2016.
Public Works and Transportation Director Aventura, FL


Joseph Kroll started 10/10/2016.
Director of Water and Gas Danville, VA


Kelly Kinnett started 12/01/2016.
224 Executive Director Metro Waste Authority, Des Moines, IA


Michael McCoy started 06/16/2016.
Procurement Services Director Collier County, FL


Ted Coyman started 10/17/2016.
Finance Director College Park, MD


Gary Fields started 09/19/2016.
City/Township Manager Springettsbury Township, PA


Ben Marchant started 09/21/2016.
Chief Operating Officer Amelia Island Plantation Community Association, Amelia Island, FL


Calvin Peck started 09/13/2016.
County Attorney Clay County, FL


Courtney Grimms started 08/22/2016.
Deputy City Administrator Dickinson, ND


Linda Carlson started 08/08/2016.

City Manager Savannah, GA 05/27/2016 Roberto Hernandez started 10/17/2016.
Deputy City Manager Danville, VA


Earl Reynolds started 05/20/2016.
City Attorney Port St. Lucie, FL


Reginald Osenton started 09/01/2016.
Administration for Public Safety Director Ocean Reef Community Association, North Key Largo, FL


Joel Huggins started 06/13/2016.
City Manager Cocoa Beach, FL


Jim McKnight started 01/09/2017.
Finance Director Miramar, FL


Claudia Dixon started 08/29/2016.
City Manager Mountlake Terrace, WA


Scott Hugill started 05/17/2016.
Chief Administrator El Paso County, TX


Betsy Keller started 04/20/2016.
City Manager Gainesville, FL


Anthony Lyons started 04/22/2016.
City Attorney Daytona Beach, FL


Robert Jagger started 04/18/2016.
Deputy City Manager Sammamish, WA


Jessi Bon started 05/09/2016.
Public Works Director Sammamish, WA


Steven Leniszewski started 05/02/2016.
Finance Director DeLand, FL


Dan Stauffer started 04/27/2016.

General Manager Chittenden Solid Waste District, VT


Sarah Reeves started 08/08/2016.
City Attorney Fort Pierce, FL


Jim Messer started 04/25/2016.
City Manager Danville, VA


Ken Larking started 04/06/2016.
City Manager/Administrator Fort Smith, AR


Carl Geffken started 05/09/2016.
Police Chief Mooresville, NC


Damon Williams started 04/04/2016.
City Manager Covington, VA


Richard Douglas started 03/07/2016.
City Manager Fort Myers, FL


Saeed Kazemi started 02/15/2016.
City Administrator Prosser, WA


David Stockdale started 02/22/2016.
City Manager Orange City, FL


Dale Arrington started 02/22/2016.
County Attorney Prince William County, VA 10/16/2015 Michelle Robl started 12/14/2015.
City Manager Indianola, IA


Ryan Waller started 01/18/2016.
City Manager Norwich, CT


John Salomone started 02/01/2016.

Utility Director Danville, VA


Jason Grey started 01/18/2016.
County Attorney Fulton County, GA


Patrise Perkins-Hooker started 01/21/2016.
Executive Director Sun City Summerlin, NV


Paul Henderson started 11/30/2015.
Village Manager Estero, FL


Steven Sarkozy started 11/01/2015.
City Manager Fernandina Beach, FL


Dale Martin started 11/30/2015.
Human Resources Director Hillsborough County, FL


Margaret Rowe started 09/08/2015.
Power and Light Division Director Danville, VA


Greg Disher started 11/02/2015.
Growth Management Director Collier County, FL


David Wilkison started 08/17/2015.
City Manager Seminole, FL


Ann Toney-Deal started 08/07/2015.
Water Resources Director Asheville, NC


Jade Dundas started 07/13/2015.
Director of Technology Services Weston, FL 05/01/2015 Ryan Fernandes started 07/13/2015.
Parks & Recreation Director Hillsborough County, FL 04/13/2015 Dale Dougherty  started 07/13/2015.
City Manager Sequim, WA 04/20/2015 Charlie Bush started 08/17/2015.
City Manager Palm Bay, FL 03/20/2015 Gregg Lynk started 04/22/2015.
City Manager Cocoa Beach, FL 02/27/2015 Ron McLemore started 05/26/2015.
City Manager Mill Creek, WA 03/02/2015 Rebecca Polizzotto started 06/01/2015.
County Administrator York County, VA 02/09/2015 Neil Morgan started 06/15/2015.
City Manager Normandy Park WA 02/20/2015 Mark Hoppen started 05/04/2015.
City Engineer and Assistant City Engineer Plant City, FL 02/06/2015 Michael Schenk started 03/16/2015.
City Manager Ocala, FL 01/23/2015 John Zobler started 03/03/2015.
Executive Director, Performing Arts & Conference Center Federal Way, WA 12/22/2014 Theresa Yvonne started in 03/2015.
Assistant Public Works Director Sumter County, FL 12/19/2014 Angela Newland started 03/23/2015.
Assistant Financial Services Director Pasco County, FL 11/24/2014 Keith Beam started 01/12/2015.
Town Manager Surfside, FL 10/17/2014 Guillermo Olmedillo started 01/05/2015.
Chief Administrator El Paso County, TX 10/31/2014 Steven Norwood started 01/18/2015.
Director of General Services Loudoun County, VA 10/15/2014 Ernest Brown started 02/12/2015.
Administrative Services Director Normandy Park, WA 10/17/2014

Jennifer Ferrer-Santa Ines started 02/02/2015.

City Manager Delray Beach, FL 09/19/2014

Donald Cooper started 01/05/2015.

Director of Public Works Norfolk, VA Closed

David Ricks started 12/08/2014.

CFO/Assistant Executive Director Escambia County Housing Finance Authority, FL 09/08/2014 Jeanne Griffin started 11/17/2014.
Executive Director Central Florida Expressway Authority, FL 10/17/2014 Closed - Handed off to the Authority.
City Manager St. Pete Beach, FL 08/27/2014 Wayne Saunders started 11/03/2014.
County Manager Alachua County, FL 08/18/2014 Lee Niblock started 11/17/2014.
Director of Finance Danville, VA 08/06/2014 Michael Atkins started 10/18/2014.
Director of Financial Services Clerk & Comptroller, Pasco County, FL 08/01/2014 Internal Candidate Selected.
City Manager Oakland Park, FL 07/11/2014 David Hebert started 09/29/2014.
Township Manager Springettsbury, PA 06/27/2014 Kristen Denne started 09/22/2014.
Project Manager GASB Closed Closed - Finalist Selected.
City Manager North Miami, FL 05/21/2014 Aleem Ghany started 05/28/2014.
City Manager Titusville, FL 06/13/2014 Steve Larese started 09/01/2014.
Human Resources Director Roanoke, VA 05/23/2014 Michelle Vineyard started 09/02/2014.
Human Resources Director West Palm Beach, FL 05/16/2014 Jose-Luis Rodriguez started 05/19/2014.
Human Resources Director Sunrise, FL 01/09/2015 Carla Gomez started 05/04/2015.
City Manager Winchester, VA 04/18/2014 Eden Freeman started 07/21/2014.
County Administrator James City County, VA 06/23/2014 Bryan Hill started 09/08/2014.
Parks and Recreation Director Hobbs, NM 04/14/2014 Douglas McDaniel started 05/30/2014.
Finance Director Roanoke, VA 04/21/2014 Barbara Dameron started 07/07/2014.
City Manager Mount Pleasant, MI 04/11/2014 Nancy Ridley started 06/26/2014.
County Administrator Emmet County, MI 04/04/2014 Marty Krupa started 07/01/2014.
Executive Director Camden County Joint Development Authority Closed James Coughlin started 08/18/2014.
City Manager Ellensburg, WA 03/31/2014 Jack Akers started 05/19/2014.
County Administrator St. Lucie County, FL 02/28/2014 Howard Tipton started 11/01/2014.
Director, Department of Building & Development Loudoun County, VA 04/11/2014 Mike Seigfried started 06/16/2014.
City Manager Mountlake Terrace, WA 12/27/2013 Arlene Fisher started 03/03/2014.
Solid Waste Director Tampa, FL 11/22/2013 Mark Wilfalk started 03/03/2014.
Fire Chief Hanover, NH 11/20/2013 Martin McMillan started 03/2014.
Police Chief Farmington, NM 11/15/2013 Steven Hebbe started 03/09/2014.
Director of Finance and Administration Roanoke Regional Airport 11/20/2013 Ernest McCloud started 02/02/2014.
City Administrator Connell, WA 10/31/2013 Jed Crowther started 04/01/2014.
Executive Director Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans, LA 10/25/2013 Cedric Grant started 07/01/2014.
City Manager Bellevue, WA 1/24/2014 Brad Miyake started 06/18/2014.
City Manager Medina, WA 09/27/2013 Mike Sauerwein started 01/02/2014.
Utilities Director North Port, FL 09/13/2013 Filled.
City Manager Ashland, KY 08/30/2013 Ben Bitters started 12/09/2013.
Director of Landscaping Weston, FL 08/16/2013

Thaddeus Bielecki started 12/09/2013.

City Manager Fruitland Park, FL 08/23/2013 Gary La Venia started 01/06/2014.
Human Resources Director Gainesville, FL 11/08/2013 Cheryl McBride started 03/03/2014.
Assistant City Manager / Utilities and Public Works Corpus Christi, TX Closed Gus Gonzalez started 02/12/2014.
City Manager Leesburg, FL 09/06/2013 Al Minner started 12/16/2013.
Village Manager Bal Harbour Village, FL 07/12/2013 Jorge Gonzalez started 11/12/2013.
City Manager Elmira, NY Closed Kim Middaugh started 02/18/2014.
Director South Martin Regional Utility 09/13/2013 Mario Loaiza started 11/182013.
City Manager Miramar, FL 06/14/2013 Kathleen Woods-Richardson started 09/09/2013.
City Manager Ankeny, IA 06/07/2013 David Jones started 09/23/2013.
Finance Director Sunnyside, WA 06/07/2013 David Layden started on 07/15/2013.
City Manager Sunnyside, WA 05/17/2013 Don Day started on 07/27/2013.
County Administrator Clackamas County, OR 05/10/2013 Don Krupp started 09/16/2013.
Director, Watershed Management (Utilities) DeKalb County, GA 04/30/2013 Dr. James Chansler started 09/23/2013.
City Manager Monroe, NC 03/29/2013 John D'Agostino started on 08/12/2013.
Human Resources Director Cape Coral, FL 03/29/2013 Lisa Sonego started on 05/28/2013.
City Manager Scottsdale, AZ 03/27/2013 Fritz Behring started on 07/01/2013.
Treasurer Miami, FL 03/15/2013 Miguel Augstine started 08/12/2013
Finance Director Miami, FL 01/18/2013 Jose Fernandez started 05/28/2013.
City Manager Normandy Park,WA 02/22/2013 Glenn Akramoff started 07/08/2013.
Assistant City Administrator West Palm Beach, FL Closed Scott Kelly started 07/22/2013.
Director, Engineering, Public Works and Utilities Hallandale Beach, FL 01/21/2013 Steven Parkinson started on 05/31/2013.
Interim Finance Directors Our Interim Services Division Open but no longer urgent Recruiting
Fire Chief Cape Coral, FL 01/11/2013 Tim Hayes started on 04/08/2013.
Assistant City Manager Corpus Christi, TX 11/10/2012 Susan Thorpe started 03/18/2013.
City Manager Doraville, GA 11/02/2012 Shawn Gillen started 04/17/2013.
Executive Director South Sound 911 (Tacoma, WA) 11/02/2012 Andrew Neiditz started 02/28/2013.
Director, Management and Financial Services (CFO) Loudoun County, VA Closed Ben Mays started 12/06/2012.
Director, Business and Economic Development Collier County, FL 10/19/2012 Bruce Register started 01/28/2013.
Director of Human Resources West Palm Beach, FL 12/20/2012 Myra Vittini started 03/04/2013.
City Manager Melbourne, FL 10/05/2012 Michael McNees started 02/04/2013.
Police Chief St. Augustine Beach, FL 09/14/2012 Robert Hardwick started 01/07/2013.
Director, Planning, Building and Development Roanoke, VA 10/05/2012 Chris Chittum started 01/01/2013.
Economic Development Director Roanoke, VA 08/24/2012 Wayne Bowers started 12/03/2012.
City Manager Sunrise, FL Finalists Selected Alan Cohen started 12/03/2012.
City Manager Sarasota, FL Closed Tom Barwin started 09/01/2012.
City Manager Fort Pierce, FL 07/06/2012 Robert Bradshaw started 11/01/2012.
Public Works Director Miami Springs, FL 06-29-2012 Position filled
Chief Executive Officer / General Manager Des Moines Water Works, IA 06/16/2012 Bill Stowe started 09/24/2012.
City Manager Fayettteville, NC 05/18/2012 Ted Voorhees started on 08/10/2012.
City Manager Cocoa Beach, FL 06/22/2012 Bob Majka started 09/17/2012.
City Attorney Roanoke, VA 05/4/2012 Dan Callaghan started on10/17/2012.
City Manager Key West, FL 04/13/2012 Bob Vitas started 07/16/2012.
Finance Director Surfside, FL 03/30/2012 Don Nelson started 06/04/2012.
Village Manager North Palm Beach, FL 03/16/2012 Ed Green started 06/08/2012.
City Manager Panama City Beach, FL 03/09/2012 Mario Gisbert started 08/20/2012.
Finance Director Oregon City, OR 03/03/2012 Wyatt Parno started on 05/29/2012.
City Manager Yakima, WA 03/02/2012 Tony O'Rouke started 07/02/2012.
Executive Director, Environment & Infrastructure Pinellas County, FL 02/03/2012 David Scott started 05/14/2012.
City Manager Cape Coral, FL 01/27/2012 John Szerlag started 06/04/2012.
County Administrator Hernando County, FL 02/24/2012 Leonard Sossamon started 05/21/2012.
Chief Administrative Officer St. Tammany Parish, LA 01/13/2012 Position filled.
City Manager Hallandale Beach, FL 01/31/2012 Renee Crichton started 06/04/2012.
City Manager Madeira Beach 10/21/2011 Shane Crawford started 01/16/2012.
City Manager Tacoma, WA 10/21/2011 T.C. Broadnax started on 02/13/2012.
Village Manager Key Biscayne, FL 08/27/2011 John Gilbert started on 12/06/2011.
Assistant Director for Public Works Miami Beach, FL Open Until Filled Position filled.
Human Resources Officer Loudoun County, VA 08/12/2011 Jeanette Green started 01/09/2012.
Director, Watershed Management (Water/Sewer Utility Director) DeKalb County, GA 07/15/2011 Joe Basista started 08/22/2011.
City Manager Destin, FL, City of 06/24/2011 Maryann Ustick started 10/17/2011.
County Administrator Polk County, IA 06/03/2011 David Jones started 10/12/2011.
Village Manager Pinecrest, FL 05/20/2011 Yocelyn Gomez started 08/17/2011.

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